Brainwave Therapy and How Can it Help You

Brainwave Therapy involves the use of binaural beat technology to enhance many different areas of your life and achieve desired states such as increased focus, mental clarity, peak performance, relaxation, meditation, or sleep. Brainwave Therapy is a method of stimulating the brain to enter into a specific state by using a binaural beat brainwave pattern, also known as a pulsating beat. Research has demonstrated the manner in which your brainwave patterns will easily and naturally align with the frequency of a given beat, promoting relaxation, creativity, and increased focus.  This process is also called brainwave synchronization or brainwave entrainment.

During Brainwave Therapy, binaural beat frequencies are harmonically layered into music to gently guide your brainwave activity to the desired state. Brainwave music can be used to increase focus and creativity, to promote balance and harmony, or to enhance deep sleep.

Improve Your Life!

There are numerous ways in which Brainwave Therapy can enhance your well-being and productivity and improve your life. Brainwave Therapy may be used in all areas of life to promote health and vitality, as well as to reduce clinical symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many other disorders. Brainwave Therapy promotes balance and synchronization between the two hemispheres of your brain, increases relaxation, and improves focus, concentration, and memory.

Customize Your Listening Experience

You should customize your listening experience according to the particular goal you wish to achieve, understanding that it is completely acceptable and even desired to use different brainwave patterns in the same day, depending on your particular needs:

• Delta – Audios with a Delta brainwave pattern such as Delta Wave Sleep and Deep Sleep are used to promote deep, restful sleep, optimal physical healing, and a slowing of the aging process.

• Theta – Audios utilizing a Theta brainwave pattern such as Relaxing Woodland Rain, Overcoming Anxiety, and Healing Trauma and Adversity are used to promote relaxation and to maximize the benefits of meditation and clinical hypnosis.

• Beta – Audios with a Beta brainwave pattern such as Optimize Your Brain Power are used to increase alertness and enhance concentration.

• Alpha – Audios with an Alpha brainwave pattern, such as Sunrise in the Everglades and Optimize Your Brain Power are desirable when you are seeking to enhance creativity or achieve peak performance.

• Gamma – Gamma brainwaves are a lesser known brainwave pattern and are the highest of the brainwave frequencies. Gamma brainwaves are used to increase energy and sustain focus.

The Origin of Brainwave Therapy

Brainwave Therapy has been used for generations to help millions of people lead more productive and fulfilling lives. Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by a German experimenter, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (October 6, 1803 – April 4, 1879). Dove studied philosophy, history, and the natural sciences at the University of Breslau and the University of Berlin, and he published more than 300 papers. In 1839 he discovered the phenomena of binaural beats, whereby slightly different frequencies played separately to each ear produced a perception of interference beats at the same rate as would be physically created.   He published his findings in the scientific journal Repertorium der Physik.  The subject of binaural beats did not receive much public attention until 134 years later, when Dr. Gerald Oster published the article, “Auditory Beats in the Brain.” Dr. Oster saw binaural beats as a powerful tool for cognitive and neurological research.  Scientists now understand the manner in which binaural beats influence brainwave patterns, provide health benefits, and promote meditation and relaxation.