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Our soft, comfortable headphones with their crystal clear sound quality are must-haves. And with this incredible offer, you can buy 2 and receive 1 absolutely FREE! Not only that, receive a FREE MP3 download of your choice with each headphone. What a deal!

These comfy headphones make great gifts, and are the perfect solution for listening to meditation and sleep programs, and to share with family members. Simply select the three headphones styles of your choice, plus your MP3 selections and add the bundle to your cart. Listen in comfort and in style!  🙂

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These soft headphones provide the ultimate comfort for use in bed, during meditation, workouts, or for concentration at work or studying. Lightweight and washable, the wicking fleece headband contains thin removable speakers and plugs into most audio devices, smartphones, CD players or MP3 players.

Unlike earbuds, sleep headphones don’t fall off and are the most comfortable headphones for sleeping. Ideal for listening to our sleep audios, helping you to fall asleep fast and block out noise and snoring.

With excellent sound quality and a superb range of sound, these headphones deliver a frequency range of 20Hz – 20KHz for maximum effectiveness with Delta brainwave sleep music and perfect for use with binaural beat audios, relaxation music, meditation, hypnosis and audiobooks.


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