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Poets, artists, and musicians have long utilized the ocean as a metaphor for peaceful relaxation and regenerative sleep. The rhythmic movement of the tides naturally restores the harmony, balance, and tranquility all of us innately possess, often unknowingly. As your brain is immersed in pure Delta wave frequencies harmonically blended into luxurious ocean waves, you will easily experience the most peaceful sleep imaginable and awaken feeling completely refreshed. MP3 audio program.

MP3 only
Running time: 79 minutes

Brainwave Frequencies: Delta

Listen to a sample: Dr. Spicer's intro

Listen to a sample: Nature Sounds with Delta Brainwaves


Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – Relaxing sounds of nature combined with Delta brainwaves

Dr. Spicer’s unique approach combines soothing brainwave music with the proven effectiveness of clinical hypnosis. Brainwave Technologies is the ONLY audio program that integrates both neuroscience research and binaural beat technology with all of the life-changing benefits of clinical hypnosis through a licensed psychologist.

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1 review for Delta Wave Sleep MP3

  1. M. Chrisner

    This is the most Amazing sleep audio I have ever heard! The ocean waves are like surround sound and so relaxing that they lulled me to sleep.

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