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Enter the flow state of heightened consciousness while increasing your ability to learn and retain new information. Powerful brainwave music with binaural beat frequencies have the potential to improve mental performance, increase synchronization between the two hemispheres of your brain, and restore the natural balance of your mind and body. Achieve peak performance, dissolve frustrating mental blocks, and access more of your untapped creativity and potential.

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Running time: 65 minutes

Brainwave Frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta

Listen to a sample: Brainwave music


Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – Brainwave music with Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta binaural beats
Track 3 – Relaxing sounds of nature combined with Theta brainwaves

Dr. Spicer’s unique approach combines soothing brainwave music with the proven effectiveness of clinical hypnosis. Brainwave Technologies is the ONLY audio program that integrates both neuroscience research and binaural beat technology with all of the life-changing benefits of clinical hypnosis through a licensed psychologist.

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