“My social anxiety was so bad that I would avoid parties and events. I was always worried I would have a panic attack. Dr. Spicer’s Overcoming Anxiety audio helped me understand the source of my anxiety and how to control it. Now I can catch my thoughts before they spiral and I know how to breathe and dial down my anxiety. It’s been a life-changer!”
– Sarah Anderson
“Dr. Spicer truly understands the mind-body connection. As a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, I see patients every day who are traumatized and suffering from multiple mental health issues. Brainwave Technologies audios can play an important role in helping patients with depression, anxiety and many other disorders live richer, more meaningful lives.”

– Bruce Goldfeder, MD FACEP

“I had a difficult childhood and then went through a painful divorce. Healing Trauma and Adversity helped me let go of the past and feel good about myself and my life again. I’m happy now and I feel like a new person! Thank you, Dr. Spicer!”
– Melanie S.