How do Binaural Beats work?

•  A sound frequency played in the right ear is heard as a single tone.

•  A similar, although slightly different sound frequency, played in the left ear, is also heard as a single tone.

When played together, your brain perceives the vibrato between these two tones as a separate entity, called a binaural beat. The binaural beat is harmonically blended into the music to gently guide your brainwave activity to the desired state. The binaural beat may or may not be perceptible to your ears, although it is still working nonetheless.

Brainwave Technologies audios help you safely and naturally guide your brainwave activity into various brainwave states with simply the touch of a button.

Daily exposure to binaural beats that lead to deep meditation (Theta and Delta brainwaves) will promote balance and synchronization between the two hemispheres of your brain.

Before the discovery of binaural beats, individuals spent years practicing traditional meditation to create balance and harmony in their lives. Now, this can be achieved easily and effortlessly, with the touch of a button.

Dr. Spicer recording ocean waves with a binaural microphone device.

The most technologically advanced recording available

A unique feature of Brainwave Technologies audios is that the sounds of nature were recorded with the use of a binaural microphone, which captures sounds from a 360 degree perspective. It is the most technologically advanced way to capture sounds and produces the most realistic recordings available on the market today.

The listener experiences the feeling of being right in the middle of nature.

Dr. Spicer recorded the nature sounds found on her programs in locations such as the Everglades in Florida, forests in Michigan, brooks and waterfalls in Canada, waves in the Atlantic Ocean and deserts in Nevada, among other places.

Brainwave Technologies audios have been created to promote balance, harmony, and tranquility, while also delivering all of the life-changing benefits of meditation and hypnosis, in just a fraction of the time. You will be amazed at how much deeper and more rewarding your relaxation experience will become. Brainwave Technologies also produces audios specifically designed to address particular clinical issues such as overcoming anxiety, healing from trauma, and improving sleep. Browse our audio CDs and MP3s to find the programs that are just right for you.

The discovery of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by a German experimenter, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (October 6, 1803 – April 4, 1879). Dove studied philosophy, history, and the natural sciences at the University of Breslau and the University of Berlin. In 1828, he became an associate professor at the University of Königsberg; and in 1829 he assumed an associate professorship at the University of Berlin. He published more than 300 papers, some of which delved into experimental physics.

In 1839 he discovered the phenomena of binaural beats, whereby slightly different frequencies played separately to each ear produced a perception of interference beats at the same rate as would be physically created.  He published his findings in the scientific journal Repertorium der Physik.

The subject of binaural beats did not receive much public attention until 134 years later, when Gerald Oster published the article, “Auditory Beats in the Brain.” Oster saw binaural beats as a powerful tool for cognitive and neurological research.  Scientists now understand the manner in which binaural beats influence brainwave patterns, provide health benefits, and promote meditation and relaxation.

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